I Build Elegant Apps for Web & Mobile.

Hi, I’m Amol, a professional developer
based in India. My purpose is to help
businesses and individuals grow by creating
amazingly fast and beautiful digital experiences
by leveraging state-of-the-art technology.

Here’s how I can help

Following are the skills I’ve refined and perfected over the years. From an simple idea to finished product, I can help you at any and every step of the way.


A human-centered design is essential for any digital product or service to succeed in today’s highly competitive markets. I design interfaces for web and mobile that are not only beautiful to look at but also provide a great user-experience.

  • Asset 6

    Brand Design & Strategy

  • UIUX

    UI & UX

  • Grapics Design


  • Mobile_1

    Mobile Development

  • Web

    Fullstack Web Dev

  • Server



I started out as a developer so naturally it is my strong suit, whether it is a simple website or a complex full-stack application I can do it well. Having more than 7 years under the belt, I’m well acquainted with modern technologies and programming practices. 


In the digital age a strong online presence is crucial for your offline success. My SEO and Digital Marketing skills can help you take off.

  • Server

    SEO & SMM

  • Analytics

    Audience Analytics

  • Content

    Content Writing

Or I Can Show You How It’s Done

I’ve worked with numerous clients and have met with plethora of  technical & business challenges along the way. I can teach you Programming or Web/Mobile Development or maybe help you out for a test. 

Success Stories

Amol has a fantastic combination of excellent App Development skills & communication skills.
He can be treated like a friend rather than a developer, and any ideas in one’s mind can be freely discussed with him. I wish him all the best in his career and upcoming projects.

Ramandeep Singh Sethi

Founder, HacksInfo Digital

Have an awesome idea? Let’s make it a reality.

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